Improve your gut health with Mind Your Gut

With 70% of immune system in the digestive wall, its time to MIND YOUR GUT! 

✅ You deserve to have bloat free days.

✅ You deserve to have less inflammation and pain.

✅ You deserve to wake up with energy, a clear head, and to sleep better!

✅ You deserve to have less stress and anxiety.

✅ You deserve to start feeling great again!


Week 1

Mindset: Re-Write Old Health Belief (Journal Prompt provided)

Food: Gut Friendly Foods

Bonus Training: Mind - Gut Connection Overview

Week 2

Habits: Finding time for you! (Stepping back to review your day)

Food: Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Portion Sizes

Bonus Training: Beat the Bloat

Week 3

Mindset: Improving your relationship with food (Dance Party Cooking Challenge)

Food: Planning Ahead and Fast Cooking Techniques

Week 4

Habits: Lifestyle habits that support a healthy gut

Food: Putting it all together.

Bonus Training: Supplements

This course is for you if you've tried it all and nothing worked.. 

Most of the health warriors that go through this say this changed their life! Why? Because it tackles more than just gut health... It tackles your anxiety and mindset too.

You have been to doctors but not getting the answers or results you're wanting. The reason is because you're not a simple being, you're complex.

You don't need a program that's going to promise "cure your gut health" but a program that helps you understand WHY you're needing to eat certain foods, how to eat for inflammation reduction, and how to be successful long term. 

A HUGE reason people don't succeed with their health goals is because their body is stuck in the fight or flight response or known as the sympathetic nervous system. Your body heals, repairs, loses weight, regrows hair etc in the parasympathetic nervous system... or rest and digest. 

The reason why Mind Your Gut course works so well, is that it is designed to get you into your rest and digest, parasympathetic, nervous system so you ACTUALLY start repairing your body. 


"This class is by far the best decision I have ever made and wish I had done this 8+ years ago. In just a few weeks of working with Nicole I was FINALLY able to understand what was going on and how I could fix my GI issues. She helped me tackle my gut health in a natural and realistic manner! I saw such great results (almost immediately) that I extended the time I worked with her. In less than 6 weeks I was able to eat foods that I haven't been able to eat in YEARS, was using the restroom REGULARLY, had better mental clarity, less inflammation and bloating, more energy than ever, better moods, and even lost 13 pounds!!!"

Brandi Jahanian
Google Reviews

Diets restrict your body of key nutrients, they make you OBSSESS over food and your body can't work without it's tools!

Here you ADD IN tools that help you heal.

You'll learn to add in more anti-inflammatory foods, more gut supporting foods and understand how your mindset & daily habits will actually make sure your body absorbs the nutrition. 

In my practice I see a variety of health warriors- Thyroid, PCOS, Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders (RA, UC, Crohns), IBS, migraines!

THE common underlying root cause of their issue AND the source that's keeping them stuck in their health (not seeing results) is because they wake up in their fight or flight response (sympathetic nervous system) and your body CAN'T heal when you're there. 

You have more anxiety here, lose hair, gain weight and have trouble sleeping & digesting your food.

This course is designed to get you out of your sympathetic nervous system/fight or flight and into the repairing nervous system- your rest & digest/ parasympathetic nervous system. 

This course is designed to help you stress less (teach you tools so you can navigate stress later on in life and not have another flare up/issue you're having now), reduce inflammation, and help you start repairing your gut wall. 

Repair your gut wall = start repairing your hormones, finally start losing the weight, finally have the energy etc


This course is designed to help reduce stress and heal the body by route of improving your gut health. 

You will achieve this by tackling your inflammation. Inflammation reduction is a HUGE focus of this course. 

Most health warriors have multiple health issues. 

It's common to have digestive issues with thyroid disorders, PCOS, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, migraines, fibromyalgia and so much more. 

The gut is the entrance into the body. Improve your digestive tract and have a positive domino affect on the rest of your body!!

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