Mind Your Gut

Have you been struggling with your digestive health lately?

Are you determined to find answers but feel like you're not getting anywhere, even with you seeking out help in the past?

It could be because the focus was on things you CAN'T have causing you to miss the opportunity to heal yourself, as your body is deprived.

IMAGINE knowing what foods repair your body and the foods that make you FEEL GOOD.
IMAGINE knowing the right DAILY HABITS that supports a healthy gut and body.
IMAGINE finally losing the weight you've been trying so hard to lose.
IMAGINE waking up and having energy (ALL DAY LONG).

The Mind Your Gut Course is for you if...


  • You want to feel better and are tired of trying things that just don't work.
  • You're looking for a natural way to have your energy back!
  • You want to know what you can eat!
  • You're tired of feeling/looking pregnant because of how bad the bloating has gotten!
  • You just want to poop normal again!
  • You don't like to cook much. You want fast & tasty recipes!
  • You have tried "all the things" and still can't lose weight.

Course Overview

  • Week One: 
    • Mindset: Re-Write Old Health Belief
      - Journal Prompt provided
    • Food: Gut Friendly Foods
    • Bonus Training: Mind - Gut Connection Overview
    • Call One:Week One Review + Food Diary

  • Week Two:
    • Habits: Finding time for you!
      - Taking a step back to review your day.
    • Food: Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Portion Sizes
    • Bonus Training: Beat the Bloat
    • Call Two

  • Week Three:
    • Mindset: Improving your relationship with food.
      - Dance Party Cooking Challenge
    • Food: Planning Ahead and Fast Cooking Techniques
    • Call Three

  • Week Four: 
    • Habits: Lifestyle habits that support a healthy gut
    • Food: Putting it all together.
    • Bonus Training: Supplements
    • Call Four
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Mind Your Gut is now available for self-paced learning and will have quarterly classes for you to jump into LIVE.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a non-diet Dietitian. I'm empowering you to understand how food works WITH your body.

I use science and bring you awareness to your body + lifestyle. 

Diets restrict and your body can't work without it's tools!

Here you ADD IN tools that help you heal.

You'll continue to have access to this course for at least 90 days. Go back to this course. Download your meal plans, journal prompts, and other materials- put into a notebook. It'll help keep you organized.

Also- You DO have time and that's one of the modules that I'm teaching you. 

I'll show you how to find time to make things happen the way you're wanting! We can also go over this on our calls or ask in the Facebook support group whenever you'd like!

This is designed to have 3 Days each week dedicated to YOU & this course. 

Each lesson is short but will come with action steps / tools to help you start forming healthy habits.

Let Nicole know what's going on! This course is a LIVE and active group inside a private Facebook in addition to our weekly sessions! 

You'll be heard! 
You'll be guided!!
You'll see transformations starting!

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