$200.00 USD

Thyroid nutrition for the health professional

Learn how to better help your patients and clients with a thyroid disorder. 

What you'll get:

  • 1 hour session
  • A copy of The Healthy Thyroid Guide (Book Available on Amazon is yours free, when you purchase this package)


Nicole has half a thyroid and has dedicated her career as a dietitian to teaching people how to improve their thyroid health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. 



Common questions: 

1. Why do I need to provide my address? Nicole will send you a copy of her book to use as a reference tool in your practice.

2. Will this be applicable if I'm not a dietitian or nutritionist? Yes! Nicole encourages all health professionals to understand thyroid nutrition to better guide their patients.  

What People Are Saying:

I found Nicole on Tick Tock. I decided to contact her because she was talking about the two health issues I am currently dealing with: thyroid and gut problems; plus feeling super tired and run down. After our first Zoom session I was able to implement some of the changes she suggested. Small changes in my diet and sleep routine had an incredible impact in how I feel today, just about two weeks from my first Zoom conversation. Nicole speaks about the true health issues and gives you practical information you can start using right away. Made a huge difference in my life. I am glad I found Nicole.

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