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FREE Anti-Inflammatory Food List

I don't believe in hiding the magic from you.

Yes, I believe in the power of these foods so much and eat as many of them a day I can. I do this because they have been a key component for my healing process. 

They are a key component in why I feel so good and I want this for you too! 

So go ahead and grab your Free Anti-Inflammatory Food List and then share with us, inside Healthy Foods and Healing Habits Group,  how you're incorporating these foods. I'd love to support you along your journey!

What People Are Saying:

Slowly in the last few years I have noticed I struggle with anxiety and weight . With the acadamy, Nichole has given me pointers on how to control my anxiety not only with my eating habits , but with emotional habits. She breaks everything down and helps you figure out your individual needs. Other than emotional support there are simple and quick meal plans and recipes. I've learned so much about the food I'm putting into my body and giving to my children. It's a life long lesson not a quick fix! In the process of detoxing my box and working on emotional me I feel the difference in my physical side. I have more energy to do the things I must as a mom and a wife and have time and energy to do the things I want as a person. I enjoyed the Academy so much that I want to continue this journey with Nichole in he VIP group. If you are on the Fence about joining, let me help u... JUST DO IT!! It is completely worth it! Thank you Nichole for changing my life and my kitchen reputation! Leslie Leija


Don't be intimidated by all the amazing things Nicole does and think you can't do what she does! That was me. I followed Nicole for a year and admired her, but didn't think I could take the leap. After a year of spiraling into old habits. I gained 30 lbs due to inability to workout from an injury and inability to deal with a ton of stress that came my way. Through Nicole's process I discovered how to combat my binge eating that I started as a kid to cope with anxiety. I have stuck to my non-negotiables and discovered ways to fit healthy habits into my life and for my family. This is not just about food, but I did learn all about processed foods to whole foods, which has totally changed what we buy at the store! But now I know why and what to look for with all of Nicole's tips and tricks. You will learn how to fit healthy living for your mind, body and home to be able to make this a lifestyle! She will take account each individual needs, but you will also get to bond with a group of women that will support you unconditionally. You will love this process and won't regret it!- Jenna