Start the thyroid healing today!


The number one thing my thyroid clients love is by feeding their body properly, they start feeling better within a few weeks! 

The thyroid is complex and takes time to heal (took me years!) These tools are designed to speed up this process!

The more consistent you are with these tools you learn here, the better chance you have at feeling the way you want!


Most of my thyroid warriors come to me with constipation. Occasionally it's diarrhea but either way, the tools you'll learn here in the Healthy Thyroid Program may have a positive impact on your digestion!

Pooping better after constipation typically means your metabolism is starting to work! (Same with you getting hungrier after going through a few weeks into this program... You want your metabolism to be working!)


Inflammation is exhausting and makes you feel horrible. Many of my clients get so excited after a few weeks of focusing on these thyroid tools in this program because their rings start fitting better!

I had someone recently get excited that her shoes fit because her swelling / inflammation went down significantly!

You're worth finding what works for you!

Week One: What the Thyroid?

What is a thyroid?

  • You receive a copy of these slides.

Gut Health & Thyroid Relationship

  • Fill out your Food Diary

Endocrine Disruptors

  • Understanding Chemicals

  • Pantry & Fridge Check List

  • Products I Trust PDF

Week Two: Thyroid Friendly Foods

Macronutrients (Carbs, Protein, Fat)

  • Meal Plan


  • Plate Method PDF


  • Omega 3 Blueberry Bars

Week Three: Symptoms and Supplements

Symptoms (Fatigue & Inches Lost)

  • Symptom & Inches Lost Tracker PDFs

Symptoms (Hair Loss & Anxiety)

  • Anti-Anxiety Guide PDF


  • Thyroid-Friendly Supplements PDF

Week Four: Healthy Thyroid Lifestyle

Mindset & Sleep

  • Self Love & Mindset Workbook PDF

Exercise & Activity

  • Reach Your Goals PDF

Cleaning Products (House & Body)

  • Products I Trust PDF

"Nicole was brilliant when it came to helping me get back on track. With the pandemic, the launching of our new business, and having the kids home 247 I lost track of myslef. My energy was at an all time low and when I had free time to myslef I wasn't spending it wisely because I was too tired. With her education and showing me how food is medicine I feel happier, more energetic, and finally back to myslef (maybe even better than before). She makes you think outside the box for fun routines and healthy habits. She has nothing but positive vibes even when you just make the slightest adjustment. Her energy and positivity makes you feel totally proud of yourself and want to keep pushing even more. There's so much information that she gives you, but not to fear because her analogies make you understand everything so much clearer. If you're looking for nutrition council or just some guidance to be a happy healthier you she's it yall!! Thank you, thank you Nicole"

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