Nutrition Counseling 


Nutrition's My Life LLC is both Self Pay and Insurance based practice.  Nicole's team will verify your insurance benefits for you! 

Also accepts FSA and HSA. 

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1 Hour Initial Session 


This initial session is important for you to start understanding why your body would benefit from eating certain foods and how to achieve eating these foods to improve your health.


During this initial session you'll start to feel empowered knowing what your body is needing. 


1 hour initial session
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1 Hour Follow Up Session


Follow up sessions should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks. 

You're not supposed to achieve everything on your own. Nicole expects you to have "whoops! that didn't work" but never "I'm horrible for eating that!" 

We problem solve on these sessions. 


Follow Up session

Self Paced Courses

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Mind Your Gut

Improve your gut health and watch your body start to repair itself. It's like a ripple effect! Isn't it so cool? I recommend most of my thyroid, autoimmune, inflammatory and hormone clients to start focusing on digestive health!

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Healthy Thyroid Program

Improve your thyroid health by understanding how it works, what foods support a healthy thyroid, what's the relationship between gut health and thyroid, sleep, supplements and chemical-free recipes for even your household cleaning items! 

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