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Hey y’all! 

I’m goofy… I mean, I’m a Registered Dietitian that helps exhausted thyroid and digestive health warriors feel like themselves again.  

I’m not just your nutrition expert but I’m here to provide you with HOPE! Many of you suffer with anxiety, thyroid disorders, migraines etc… I have too! 

I started having migraines as a child. Grew out of them a bit and then had kids – BAM, they came back hard! 5 migraines a month with new developments (auras, tension headaches, cluster headaches…. you name it, I HAD it!). 

I also only have HALF a thyroid. Had half removed when I was 20 because I don’t want cancer. Simple. Was on Synthroid for 12 years and have successfully come off ALL THYROID medication

As a lovely side affect of thyroid disorders, I also suffered too long with anxiety. I did have 3 panic attacks in my lifetime… anxiety sucks. plain and simple. 


Now I don’t have migraines (unless I eat MSG or sleep properly). I don’t even have headaches often at all! 

My anxiety is under control because of my non-negotiables. The foods I eat, my supplements, and the lifestyle I live. 

I quit working for the broken healthcare system over 5 years ago and now help others who are going through their darkest times. 

I’m here to show you a way out. 

I’m here to SUPPORT you and GUIDE you to FEELING BETTER!

Nicole Eichinger
Registerd Dietitian 

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