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If you have 3 or more, we need to talk!

Weight Gain
Struggling To Lose Weight
Not Sleeping Well
Overall Not Feeling Well
Constipation or Diarrhea
Confused on what foods your body needs


Work With Nicole

1 Hour Nutrition Counseling Session

During this hour you'll get a base knowledge of what YOUR body is needing. 

An hour goes by fast and follow up is recommended. !!!

PLUS receive a follow up email on initial session with recap notes, action steps, and recipes!


Because we all should have access to healing during this pandemic! 

You deserve to know what your body is needing!

1 Hour Nutrition Session

1 Month Nutrition Counseling Packages

Gain the understanding of the tools that support and start seeing results!

It takes 30 days to develop a healthy habit and during these 30 days together I'll be teaching what your body is needing. 

This is customized for you! 

3 sessions + unlimited support in between sessions.

1 Month Nutrition Package

2 Months Nutrition Counseling Packages

If you're like me, you have a lot of underlying health conditions and with this, it takes time.

It take time to understand how your body responds to the foods, the healthy habits, or supplements. 

This package is for someone who really needs support. Really wants to feel better. Really wants to feel like themselves again and wants to do it naturally!

Here at Nutrition's My Life LLC, we believe that there is Power in Plants! You'll learn tools how to repair your body!

2 Month Nutrition Package

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Nicole's Clients Have Real Results

Client: Keri Brecht
CEO, Face Your Dreams LLC


"Working with Nicole has been such a blessing to me. Her knowledge and love of helping others truly shines through in everything she does for her clients. She breaks everything down so that it's easy to understand, and is truly there to help if you have any additional questions. I felt like I was coming to the end of my rope before I found this program. It isn't just what to eat to feel better, but Nicole also provides you with things that help you overcome other things to be the best version of yourself. You will not regret working with Nicole, she is an amazing human and absolutely wants to see you succeed in becoming the best version of yourself."

Work With Nicole

Work with Nicole

Nicole specializes in:
Thyroid Disorders
Digestive Health 
Hormone Health (PCOS, Estrogen & Progesterone imbalances, Cortisol)
Stress & Anxiety Reduction


Nicole uses food to target specific health conditions.

Think of your body as a puzzle. It works it's best when all the pieces are in place.

Nutrients and other important properties from foods are the missing puzzle pieces for you. 

Other pieces are your daily habits and routines.

Once the missing pieces are in place, your body can see the entire picture and start to repair itself!

Give your body the tools it needs and it starts working for you!

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I talk a lot but I also like to share my favorite recipes with you. ;)

"Don't be intimidated by all the amazing things Nicole does and think you can't do what she does! That was me. I followed Nicole for a year and admired her, but didn't think I could take the leap. After a year of spiraling into old habits. I gained 30 lbs due to inability to workout from an injury and inability to deal with a ton of stress that came my way. Through Nicole's process I discovered how to combat my binge eating that I started as a kid to cope with anxiety. I have stuck to my non-negotiables and discovered ways to fit healthy habits into my life and for my family. This is not just about food, but I did learn all about processed foods to whole foods, which has totally changed what we buy at the store! But now I know why and what to look for with all of Nicole's tips and tricks. You will learn how to fit healthy living for your mind, body and home to be able to make this a lifestyle! She will take account each individual needs, but you will also get to bond with a group of women that will support you unconditionally. You will love this process and won't regret it!"



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