About Me


I'm a registered dietitian that is a thyroid and digestion expert.


I'm not just a food and nutrition  expert in thyroid and digestion but am a health warrior myself. I have half a thyroid and never received the help I deserved from my doctors to navigate the thyroid world. This is why I became a thyroid expert and authored the book, The Healthy Thyroid Guide. 


Ready to work with Nicole? There are three ways to get started. 

One-on-One Session

Want to learn the foods your body is needing? Want to add foods into your day instead of restrict or remove foods from your diet? You're in the right place to take back control of your health through nutrition and lifestyle habits. 

Partner with Nicole

If you're a brand and want to work with Nicole, please email team at [email protected]

The Healthy Thyroid Guide

Understand thyroid disorders, foods that support a healthy thyroid, and lifestyle habits that support healthy thyroid hormones (even if you don't have a thyroid).

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