About Me


I'm a registered dietitian that is a thyroid and digestion expert.


I'm not just a food and nutrition  expert in thyroid and digestion but am a health warrior myself. I have half a thyroid and never received the help I deserved from my doctors to navigate the thyroid world. This is why I became a thyroid expert and authored the book, The Healthy Thyroid Guide. 


I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2008 with a bachelors of science in nutritional science and a minor in restaurant, hotel, and institutional management.


I started my career working as a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) dietitian and like to say, "I grew babies for a living". I absolutely loved that job due to the critical thinking and experience it gave me. I became pregnant with my first child while working in the NICU and needed to find a part time job so I could also be mom to this amazing child.

I found myself working in home therapy dialysis where I was the leading dietitian in the nation for bone mineral metabolism labs to my patients for months in a row. 

Even though I thrived at that job on paper, it didn't bring me as much joy as my passion for thyroid, digestive health, and autoimmune disorders did. I decided to pivot my career to work for myself and started Nutrition's My Life LLC. 

I absolutely LOVE helping people who aren't receiving the care they need as thyroid nutrition is complex, digestion is complex, and the autoimmune world is complex. This is where I'm meant to be and absolutely love helping people understand the foods and habits that make them the best version of themselves. 


My patients see great results as they get empowered with knowledge of knowing what and why their body needs certain foods. 

It's time for you to start feeling better and seeing the results you want. Book a session with me today. 


Ready to work with Nicole? There are three ways to get started. 

One-on-One Session

Want to learn the foods your body is needing? Want to add foods into your day instead of restrict or remove foods from your diet? You're in the right place to take back control of your health through nutrition and lifestyle habits. 


Now accepting health insurance, FSA, HSA, and self pay patients. 

Partner with Nicole

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The Healthy Thyroid Guide

Understand thyroid disorders, foods that support a healthy thyroid, and lifestyle habits that support healthy thyroid hormones (even if you don't have a thyroid).