Your health and time are both important to you however they both have seem to slip away from you. Take back your health today. Nicole works with you { Side by Side } for at minimum 3 weeks to make sure your eating habits have improved. Without this extra support, it is easy to fall back into old habits.

As a working mom and dietitian, Nicole understands how crazy life can get. This is why she discusses time management and mindset as well during your sessions. This is why so many people FAIL when trying to eat healthy. Have the right plan with the right mindset and you can overcome any obstacle!

If you're new to the kitchen or if you're a seasoned chef, working with Nicole will benefit you because she has experience with working with all different age groups and skill set and knowledge base. She has experience working as a NICU dietitian, Pediatric dietitian, Adults, weight loss coach, and Meal Planning Dietitian.

Now she teaches moms how to take hold of their health, so it's reflected in their family's. 



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Hi! So grateful you're here. A few things first. If you're looking for a quick fix... you're in the wrong place. If you're looking to learn how to have a HEALTHY relationship with FOOD, then you're in the right place!  There is no one size fits all and when you work with a nutrition expert, you're able to receive that customization that ensures you stick to a healthy way of eating long term. 

Do you wish there was more time in the day? With my balanced approach to eating, I simplify healthy eating for you. My services range from virtual cooking classes where you learn the basic techniques to cooking a meal and not burning it ;), to Introductory into healthy eating, and meal planning. I also love working one on one with you - Virtually allows you to work with me during kids nap time, or even after they've gone to bed at night, we get to fit time to come up with a plan for you and your family and are able to do it whenever you can fit it in! I understand mama, you are busy! 


Grab your FREE quick tips to DINNER TIME SUCCESS and as a bonus, the SUPERMOM'S MEAL PLANNER so you won't have the excuse anymore that "I haven't been eating healthy because I haven't planned."




Mom's that work with Nicole have said

When you listen to Nicole, you see results. Thank you for helping me make healthy changes that don't make me feel like I'm missing out the way diets do. You ROCK, Nicole! Supermom Academy, here I come!

-Caryn Vezina


Woke up this morning 3lbs lighter from when I started! 


I lost 2lbs during her 3 day challenge!


The Supermom Academy took the stress out of cooking and grocery shopping. Lost three pounds (in two weeks) and learned healthy food can be delicious

 - Deidre Cicero


*All results may vary. Please see your doctor before starting any new nutrition regimen. Please see attached Terms & Conditions here , as they apply to this website as well.