Green Machine Muffins

muffins recipe Jul 17, 2019

I started making these muffins when my daughter started eating solid foods. 

                                Watch how easy it is to make these muffins here

Being a Dietitian, it's kind of a game to me to see how much veggies I can add into a meal.  (not sneak into a meal - add into it. I strongly believe that everyone should know what they're eating. Talk to the kids about their veggies. Keep exposing them. Monkey see monkey do!). 

However, with that said. 

Sometimes, it's hard to meet our daily veggies and fruit needs. 

I'm guilty of this too! I don't want you thinking dietitians are perfect when it comes to eating. We're not. We enjoy our chips, ice cream, cakes and old fashions (ok maybe this is just me but I'm a Texas girl who loves her whiskey! ha). 

We just know the right balance, what our body needs, and how to feel good while still enjoying those other "soul...

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