Dietitian Shares How to Support a Healthy Immune System During the Pandemic

If you're like me, you have underlying health conditions that are making you worried during this pandemic. 

Maybe you know someone who's high risk.

One of the crazy things that's BLOWING MY MIND during this uncertain time is why the heck the CDC isn't sharing more than just - "Eat well balanced meals!"

Ok CDC, let's do a bit better.
Step One: Explain to the public what "Well balanced meals are."
Step Two: Dive deeper and share how to arm your body/immune system with tools so it can work to the best of its ability!

Why aren't we talking MORE about Nutrition?

We need to stop the spread of this crazy virus using the CDC recommendations AND it would be a smart idea to also arm our body with tools that support a healthy immune system.  I'm excited to share with you exactly what I'm doing as a Registered Dietitian to keep everyone in my house as healthy as I can!

I'm giving you THREE ways to consume this information.
1.  Short & Sweet: The "Cliff Notes" version for those...

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Despite moving away from family in Texas to California & missing them, the stress of finding ourselves out here, the follow up appointments we're still doing for Emma due to her 4 pneumonias in 6 months, despite having a spiral fracture to my toe, despite running my own business and the stress that I unnecessarily put on myself, and lastly despite being off thyroid hormone replacement meds for now over a year and a half with having only half a thyroid..

Despite ALL this, my TSH was 1.899. 
Per Medline Plus, TSH stands for thyroid stimulating hormone. A TSH test is a blood test that measures this hormone. The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located near your throat. Your thyroid makes hormones that regulate the way your body uses energy. It also plays an important role in regulating your weight, body temperature, muscle strength, and even your mood. TSH is made in a gland in the brain called the pituitary. When thyroid levels in your body are low, the pituitary...

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