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Yogurt Parfait

Warmer weather means my oatmeal breakfast days are slowly dwindling down and the cooler breakfasts of smoothies + yogurt parfaits are coming out! Breakfast in this house is a BIG deal and when I say BIG deal... I mean HUGE deal in my kids eyes! I mean they don't fall far from the apple tree if you know what I mean!?!

Breakfast is MY jam! I HAVE to eat it! I don't do well skipping it and well, studies back me up (1, 2)... Eating breakfast can help stabilize your blood sugar which will help with reducing inflammation, may assist with your weight loss goals by helping kick start your metabolism, and will help you focus + have the energy to do what needs to get done!!

If I can't eat breakfast in time I typically grab a banana and cashews or walnuts to at least give me something to help me out! (you don't want to be around me if I haven't had breakfast! I can get #hangry because my body depends on it to stabilize my blood sugars and to give me the fuel I need to start my day!)

If you're a...

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Honey Garlic Chicken with Orange Brussel Sprouts and Raisin Quinoa

This dinner came about, like most of my recipes, because I DID NOT PLAN! Whatttt? 

I know, the girl who preaches planning to help with your sanity doesn't meal plan!?! 

I used to meal plan when I worked away from home however now that I work from home, I have time to cook and get my creative juices flowing. Good thing for you, this recipe is a result of those creative juices with a mom time limit too! This recipe is not only one of my faster ones (shimmy shimmy shake #danceparties for the win) but the flavor profile is on POINT!

(uncooked about to head into the oven) 

My favorite part about recipes like this, is that it's better the next day. Truthfully it is! I find when it comes to cooking with quinoa, it just soaks up all the flavor. Making this the day before an event or just plan on having leftovers for lunch the next day because this is just that good! Plus it's a sheet pan meal and those are a mom's savior because you just plop everything on to the sheet pan...

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Kimchi - Recipe for better health

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2019




Don't run away just yet - Kimchi isn't as scary as it smells. ;) 

Well that's what my daughter does every time I bring out my Kimchi but I'm ok with it because I know how good it is for me and I actually LOVE the taste of it now! A few years back, I turned my nose at it too. Full disclosure- I just couldn't do it. My husband was ALWAYS buying it because it was something he grew up eating. 

I didn't. My food smelled good growing up. It didn't stink like this. 

Yup, I was that girl. 

Didn't want to try something because I had a preconceived notion about it. I just knew I didn't like it until I tried it for like the 10th time and now I LOVE it. I CRAVE it on occasion because I feel so much better when I'm taking care of my GUT HEALTH. 

Seriously- When I'm intentionally making strides to improve my gut health my entire being feels better. Not just my gut... my mind, my body, my anxiety is lessened, I have less pain in my joints, I just FEEL...

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