7 reasons why your TSH may be increasing

If you are a thyroid warrior and noticed your TSH increasing... let's investigate.

I have had doctors tell my clients, "Your labs look great. See you next time" but in reality their TSH has been steadily increasing over the last 2 years going from 1.5 to 1.7 and then up to 3.5 (see graphic below for normal ranges). Could it be because she's working out more and not eating enough for the amount of energy she's expending? Could she still be using endocrine disrupting household items? Could her autoimmune disorder be causing underlying inflammation resulting in elevated reverse T3?

In this article, I'm helping you understand what could possibly be going on when there is an increase in TSH. Please note that lab interpretation needs to be done by a health professional.  Please reach out to your doctor, nurse practitioner, or dietitian for further guidance. 

*This article is for educational purposes only



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Carbs and Thyroid Disorders : To eat them or not debate!


Keto diet for thyroid health? Not, if you want to have a healthy functioning thyroid.

Carbohydrates are scary for so many people and many people avoid carbohydrates in general due to their fear of gluten causing their thyroid disorder to be worse. However, what if I told you they're necessary for a healthy thyroid and better metabolism? What if gluten wasn't the issue but your gut health?


Carbohydrates are our bodies preferred energy source. Between 40-60% of our calories should be coming from carbohydrates or better known as carbs. However, the problem is carbs have gotten a bad reputation and many people I encounter have once or are currently reducing their carb intake in attempt to lose weight or decrease blood sugars.


When carb intake is drastically reduced, conversion of T3 from T4 declines. T3 is the active thyroid hormone.  This shows us that the body needs a steady blood glucose levels to have readily available tools for the thyroid to do it's job...

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Ditch the Macros Emphasis --> Focus on Antioxidants

recipes Oct 30, 2020

Ever heard of the phrase, "EAT THE RAINBOW?"

The MORE COLOR we eat, the MORE ANTIOXIDANTS we eat. 

You may have read the title of this blog and asking yourself, "Why do I need to Ditch the Macros Emphasis and Focus on Antioxidants?"

When the focus is on the macronutrient content of foods (Carbohydrates, Protein, & Fat) the emphasis is on how many calories the food provides you.  Macro counting may be beneficial for some however I've found that the focus on macros keeps you focus on your weight versus focusing on how food makes you feel. 

Example: You're on a 1600 Calorie diet and can't lose weight. So your doctor says to cut down to 1200 calories. You fret over getting the right portions for your allotted macros.  You start to gain weight.  Many times the reason you gain weight with calorie reduction is because the foods you're eating are still PRO-INFLAMMATORY or could simply aren't enough anti-inflammatory/protective property foods. Also, restricting...

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Inflammation is exhausting, FLAXSEED can help! 12 Easy Flaxseed Recipes

flaxseed May 15, 2020

If I could have one food that I believe everyone should be on, it's Flaxseed.

I'm not a fan of saying SUPERFOOD because it implies that you can just eat this one food and you're cured of whatever the food helps with. This is true when the body is not inflamed or stressed. 

Here's an analogy to help you understand:
If you're tossing a pebble into stormy water you won't see the ripples because the water is too unstable. Toss a pebble into a calm body of water and you'll see the ripple effects. 

This is the same way the body responds to many of these foods. If you don't FEEL a difference incorporating this amazing food into your meals, KEEP GOING! You just haven't covered all the inflammation inside of you yet. Keep adding in more tools. The more anti-inflammatory and antioxidant containing foods you add in, the "calmer" the body. 

With that said, let's talk about WHY I'm obsessed with this little seed and why you should be too!


Flaxseed is a seed...

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Dietitian Shares How to Support a Healthy Immune System During the Pandemic

If you're like me, you have underlying health conditions that are making you worried during this pandemic. 

Maybe you know someone who's high risk.

One of the crazy things that's BLOWING MY MIND during this uncertain time is why the heck the CDC isn't sharing more than just - "Eat well balanced meals!"

Ok CDC, let's do a bit better.
Step One: Explain to the public what "Well balanced meals are."
Step Two: Dive deeper and share how to arm your body/immune system with tools so it can work to the best of its ability!

Why aren't we talking MORE about Nutrition?

We need to stop the spread of this crazy virus using the CDC recommendations AND it would be a smart idea to also arm our body with tools that support a healthy immune system.  I'm excited to share with you exactly what I'm doing as a Registered Dietitian to keep everyone in my house as healthy as I can!

I'm giving you THREE ways to consume this information.
1.  Short & Sweet: The "Cliff Notes" version for those...

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Sweet Potato Taco


  Don't you just LOVE tacos?

I'm from Texas and we do tacos all day long!

However here in California, I've noticed everything is burrito this and burrito that. It's A LOT of food.

Portion sizes matter and so do the contents of the tacos & burritos! This is why I opt for tacos vs burritos. Have I ever mentioned I love food? Maybe my brand of Nutrition's My Life gave it away but I LOVE food! AND I don't want a bland taco, I want one that tastes really good and hits the spot!

Are you with me on this one?

I like to think of myself as a taco connoisseur. #truth  I really do LOVE tacos. I love portobello mushroom tacos, I love fish tacos (save my fish tacos with mango salsa recipe for later here), and I eat a version of sweet potato tacos at least 3 times a week for my breakfast.

Yup, I eat an entire sweet potato 3-5 times a week most weeks!


Because I can load in a TON of healing properties that my body desperately needs.



Do you have a...

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Butternut Squash & White Bean Chili

I just love chili.

Growing up my mom for many years would enter her Chicken Chili into the church's Chili Cook Off. It's amazing! Nothing better than mom's home cooking right?


This is the feeling I want for my kids as well but I'm having to do things a bit differently because of my health history.

You might know my story or may be new to me, so I'll share a bit about what works for me to be at my healthiest even with multiple health conditions. 

I have a history of migraines, anxiety and panic attacks, and have half a thyroid. Part of what I do to keep my soul filled with the taste of mom's cooking but at the level I need to help me feel really good.

Part of how I went from pain with all of those issues running the show was by eating more vegetables and using them in a way that helped me feel my best. If I don't eat a diet rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, and rich in certain vitamins + minerals I feel like CRUD. Antioxidants protect our cells from free radical damage....

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Miso Ginger Rice Noodles with Mushroom, Zucchini, and White Beans [ Immune Boosting ]

This dinner came about because my husband and son were a bit under the weather. One had some respiratory issues and the other had a 24 hour virus.

Can you relate to this? 

A house full of sickies and you're the one left to tend and mend! { I'll pause while you put on your cape #supermom }

During this blog you'll learn some knew weapons to take with you to help your family feel better! Using food as medicine is soooo cool! So I'm going to give you a bit extra at the end because I'm so happy you've chosen this recipe to stop on and well, if I can help you a little more than you expected then I did my job! 

I wanted to make something that would be easy on the stomach and help their body's feel better. What really makes this an immune boosting recipe are the ingredients and how they come together. 






MISO: Fermented soybeans is common in Japanese cuisine. Studies suggest a byproduct of this fermentation process may be beneficial for...

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Fish Tacos with Mango and Avocado salsa

These are my famous fish tacos! 

In July, both my mom and my sister sent me pictures of "Nicole's fish tacos". This is a recipe my husband and I came made together years and years ago. We like to travel a lot for two reasons: experiences and food. 

We both LOVE to travel and taste our way through each visit. We made this together one time after we got back from one of our trips to Puerto Rico (Note we will have plans to own a house here one day. Dream big people! How do you think we made it happen to move from Texas to California. We knew we were going to live in a place that supported our outdoor lifestyle and now, luckily, supports our tastes buds too!).  

I encourage you to start "replicating" your favorite meals that you eat out... make them at home now! It's a great way to expand your cooking skills. 

This recipe however is great for beginner cooks as there's a very little chance you'll screw it up haha but in all seriousness, it's super simple but packs a...

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Green Machine Muffins

muffins recipe Jul 17, 2019

I started making these muffins when my daughter started eating solid foods. 

                                Watch how easy it is to make these muffins here

Being a Dietitian, it's kind of a game to me to see how much veggies I can add into a meal.  (not sneak into a meal - add into it. I strongly believe that everyone should know what they're eating. Talk to the kids about their veggies. Keep exposing them. Monkey see monkey do!). 

However, with that said. 

Sometimes, it's hard to meet our daily veggies and fruit needs. 

I'm guilty of this too! I don't want you thinking dietitians are perfect when it comes to eating. We're not. We enjoy our chips, ice cream, cakes and old fashions (ok maybe this is just me but I'm a Texas girl who loves her whiskey! ha). 

We just know the right balance, what our body needs, and how to feel good while still enjoying those other "soul...

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